In this menu you can find main profile characteristics (game data). Here you can change nickname, language, learn your ID, your server (Europe or Asia). You can go to link page or change sever to enter another one.

Основные настройки

  1. Player’s nickname

    Here you can see your current nickname and change it to another one. Pay attention that the change of the nickname costs 50 gold

  2. Language

    The game is translated into several languages: Russian, English. French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portugal, Dutch.

  3. Player ID

    ID - is your individual identification code. Information about your ID is required when you contact technical support and when you participate in the contests in the group.

  4. Account link

    Here you can link your profile to social networks or e-mail. Account link options may vary depending on the platform you choose. Link can help you to restore your profile in case of it's loss. It also gives you opportunity to transfer your game process to other device/platform (for example, from phone to PC).

  5. Personal account page

    In the personal account you can contact technical support for help, change password of your profile and also get to the shop.

  6. Choose server

    There are two servers in the game: Europe (situated in Amsterdam) and Asia (situated in Singapore). When you choose server take into account your location. The closer you are to the server, the better connection is. Pay attention that information about profile is kept on one particular server and doesn’t transfer to another.