Chat rules

What is prohibited in chat:

  1. Constant use of Caps Lock;

  2. Discussion of Moderator actions (express disapproval to player actions as Moderator, give advice about behavior, demand to explain the reason for the ban);

  3. Flood;

  4. Personal insults; the person who answers on offense, in the same manner, will be also punished (the excuse “I was provoked” doesn’t work);

  5. Obscene words in the chat including those that were repeated in order to attract Moderator’s attention;

  6. Incitement of ethnic, intersexual or any other hatred;

  7. Improper nickname (offensive, including vulgar words, other player abuse etc.) Moderator will send this information to the Administrator and nickname will be changed at Administrator’s pleasure;

  8. Discussion of personal life not connected with the game (in case it distracts other players);

  9. Appeal to complain on one certain player in order to ban him or her;

  10. Write in country chat on other languages except for the language of this country or English language (as most spread international language) - It means that, for example, in German chat, you need to write in German or English languages;

Remember that anonymity in chat doesn't annul your own manners.